Exhibitions and fairs


1. fair – ярмарок

2. exhibition – виставка

3. scope – розмах

4. transaction – угода

5. order – замовлення

6. potential customer– потенційний клієнт

7. to pave the way – прокладати шлях

8. consolidation – укріплення

9. on the spot – на місці, відразу

10. participation fee – внесок за участь

Every year a lot of international, national and specialized fairs and exhibitions are held all over the world. The number of countries and companies who take part in them is growing from year to year and the scopeof fairs and exhibitions is becoming larger. Firms and companies are always eager to participate in them because they attract thousands of visitors, including many potentialbuyers. You will find no better chance for advertising your goods and making contracts and agreements with future customers. Exhibitions and fairs are a unique chance for establishing new markets because nothing else can cause your products or services to be known outside your region or country as well. There are many advantages of fairs and exhibitions – making transactions, getting new orders, making contracts and agreements, advertising your products, contacting potential customers expanding your market and opening up new ones. International fairs and exhibitions pave the way for the consolidationof friendship among countries and nations.

But there is a difference between an exhibition and a fair. At a fair you do not only exhibit your goods but also may sell it on the spot. At an exhibition you usually only exhibit, without selling directly – though every exhibition has a commercial center where one can make contracts and agreements for future supplies.

It is usually quite expensive to participate in a fairor anexhibition. The participation fee is often quite high. Next, you pay for the exhibition space – the greater the space is the more you pay. Then, you should prepare that space to exhibit your goods or services. That means installing a stand or a booth, which may cost quite a lot. Another expense is the booklets or brochures placed in your booth and on bulletin boards, advertising or giving information about your company and its products. Firms and companies try to make their own presentations during fairsandexhibitions, and often organize receptions.

These presentations and receptions provide opportunities of contacting potential customers, advertising the products, and greatly stimulating contract-signing. But they are expensive. So international or country – wide exhibitionsandfairs provide much greater opportunities.

Ø Questions for comprehension check-up and discussion:

1. Are exhibitions and fairs becoming popular from year to year?

2. Who participates in exhibitions and fairs?

3. Why are exhibitions and fairs a unique chance for new markets?

4. What is the difference between them?

5. How much does participation in exhibitions and fairs cost?

6. Have you (or your firm) ever participated in exhibitions or fairs?