Модульная контрольная работа №5

Модульная контрольная работа №5

по дисциплине «Иностранный язык»

для студентов 2 курса профилей подготовки: «Мировая экономика», «Торговый менеджмент», «Бухучет, анализ и аудит», «Финансы и кредит»

Variant 1

READING (2 points)

I. Look at the statements below and the advice given by a Human Resources Manager. Which section (A, B, C or D) does each statement 1-7 refer to? For each statement 1-7, mark one letter (A, B, C or D). You will need to us of these letters more than once.

1the relevance of your previous work experience □

2the best time to ask financial questions □

3the importance of preparing your questions for an interview □

4the need to show you are a team player □

5the kind of research you can do before the interview □

6the importance of showing that you know a lot about the company □

7the most appropriate types of questions to select □

A Imagine the situation. It is nearly the end of your hour-long interview, when you are asked if you would like to ask any questions. What do you say? Well, most people just say the first thing that comes into their heads, which does not always impress the interviewers. A few minutes spent thinking about, and even making notes on, the questions you would like to ask can ensure that you make a good impression during the interview.

B You may want to ask about aspects such as the salary fringe benefits and bonus scheme that the company is offering, but I recommend that you try not to ask questions like these straight away. It is much better to leave these until the end of the interview. Instead, at the start ask questions that show your interest in the company and why you think that you would be good at the job advertised.

C Before the interview find out about the company's latest products or services so you can then ask detailed questions about them in the interview. For example, you could ask about the company's current marketing campaign for one of their successful products. The interviewers will be impressed that you are so familiar with what they do.

D Ask about opportunities to get involved in different areas of the business. Being flexible and versatile is important in all aspects of business life. Ask whether you will be expected to collaborate on projects and then show how people-orientated you are. Give lots of examples to demonstrate how you have worked successfully as part of different groups in the past.

VOCABULARY (3 points)

II. One word is missing from each of the following sentences. Write the missing word in the gap. Compounds count as one word. The first letter is given to help you.

1. People who buy shares in a company are called s___________________________

2. Companies protect the copyright of their products and ideas through p _____________________________

3. A company owned by another company is a __________________________s

4. When applying for a job you send a CV and a letter of _____________________a

5. Companies which specialise in recruitment are called_____________________ h

6. People who apply for jobs are referred to as ____________________________a

7. A choice of products may also be called a ___________________r of products.

8. Shops and stores are also referred to as retail ____________________o

9. Large food retailers in out-of-town locations are known as _________________________s

10. When a company sells the right to operate a business using its established system or format to another one this is called a f________________

III. Combine a word from A with one from B to match each of the definitions below. (2 points)


department   hunters
shopping   pitch
sales   stores
stock   chains
retail   offers
special   centres
bargain   turnover

1. a persuasive argument to sell a product

2. the rate at which goods are sold

3. sales promotions to attract customers

4. shops with outlets in many locations

5. customers who seek the lowest prices

6. large shops, usually located in city centres, which sell a wide variety of products

7. retail facilities where customers have access to a variety of different stores in the same location


Write about the retail business in your country. How has the business changed in recent years? What do you think are the reasons for these changes?

Модульная контрольная работа №5

по дисциплине «Иностранный язык»

Для студентов 2 курса

профилей подготовки: «Мировая экономика», «Торговый менеджмент», «Бухучет, анализ и аудит», «Финансы и кредит»

Variant 2

I.Give the English equivalents for:

лицензионная плата, валовая чистая прибыль, исследование рынка, торговая марка, оборотный капитал; лицо, купившее франчайзинг, плата за франшизу, ассортимент, поставщики, скидка, торговая точка, сеть розничных магазинов.

II. Match the definitions to the notions:

1. a challenge

2. maintenance

3. a booking

4. a report

5. records

6. a payroll

7. paperwork

а) a piece of writing giving information on a particular subject

b) a list of employees and the wages they are paid

c) work involving written or printed documents

d) difficult but exciting thing to do

e) keeping equipment in good condition

f) written documents containing information about the past

g) reservation

III. Complete the sentences below with the nouns from the box:

awareness agreement fitness flexibility investment communication dedication popularity

1. The increasing_____________________of home entertainment amongst consumers is fuelling the expansion of the home video rental industry.

2. We are meeting next week to sign the lease_____________for the shop.

3. Growing____________of the stress-reducing benefits of regular exercise has led to an increase in gym franchises.

4. Franchisers will only consider candidates who can make an initial_____________ of at least $85,000.

5. Employees who take initiative and constantly seek ways to improve service are rewarded for their _______________.

6. Some companies have on-site exercise facilities as they believe that physical__________________plays an important role in the well-being of the employees.

7. Running your own business requires a lot of_______________as you often have to do whatever is needed to be successful.

8. E-mail makes _____________ with franchising associates around the world faster, more convenient and less expensive.

IV. Chose the appropriate structure:

1 Customers are used to getting/ used to get speedy service, so I sometimes have to handle counter sales when we get a rush.

2 Laura Pyke was used to work / was used to working as an accountancy teacher at a small business college before she became the owner of a Big Apple Bagels franchise.

3 When my husband and I first started our franchise, I wasn't used to working/ didn’t use to work such long hours and at the weekends, but I've learnt to manage my time more efficiently.

4 Filter coffee used to be / was used to being our best-selling drink, but people now prefer Italian-style cappuccinos and caffe lattes.

5 How much time did you used to spend doing / were you used to spend doing the accounts before you invested in a personal computer?

6 Mary didn't use to get / wasn’t used to getting much satisfaction from her nine-to-five office job, so she decided to set up her own business.