Automatics in space research

The space age has brought about the triumph of automation. We can say that without automation the conquest of outer space would remain a fantasy.

In its turn, space research has stimulated the development of many branches of modern technology. The scientific discove­ries made in the course of this research are now being used in many fields of human activity. Cosmonautics has stimulated the development of automatic control systems, of radio and TV equip­ment and electronic computers. Many automatic devices are now successfully used not only in space research but in many branch­es of the national economy.

Manned space flights are also impossible without automatic means.

The exploration of the Moon and near-Moon space was started with the aid of automatic stations. The automatic stations have the reputation of reliable instruments for cosmic research, they have the leading role in exploration of the near earth space and of Venus and Mars.

In future automation will ensure the conducting of over more complex experiments in exploring the cosmic space.

1. What has the space age brought?

2. What has space research stimulated?

3. Where are automatic devices used?

4. What was started with the aid of automatic stations?

5. What reputation do the automatic stations have?

23. Продолжите данные диалоги, используя как можно больше новых слов, терминов и словосочетаний:

A: I’d like to tell you one thing, that is that automation brings more jobs in many fields, and better jobs. Among these is that of the programmer.

B: Yes, and no matter what kind of programming is done, the man doing it must be a trained specialist. This means he must be good at mathematics and have a mind trained in the ways of logic.

A: …

A: There are careers in automation that were never even heard of twenty or thirty years ago. These careers are interesting. They require intelligence, creativity and education.

B: Yes, automation begins with a team of highly skilled men, automation experts, programmers and users.

A: …

24. Английский юмор:

In one of college classes the professor was unable to stay for the class, so he placed a sign on the door which read as follows: “Professor Blank will be unable to meet his classes today”.

Some college lad, seeing his chance to display his sense of humour after reading the notice, walked up and erased the “C” in the word “classes”. The professor noticing the laughter turned around, walked back, looked at the student, then at the sign with “C” erased – calmly walked up and erased the “L” in “lasses”, looked at the flabbergasted student and proceeded on his way.

erase – стирать

lasses – девушки

asses – ослы

flabbergasted – ошеломленный