Exercise 311. Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right

Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

1) put down (3) a) dress in something

b) eliminate

2) put off c) suffer patiently

3) put on d) erect, build

4) put on weight e) suppress by force or


5) put out f) write something down

6) put up g) gain weight

7) put up with h) postpone something

i) set, place down

8) put an end to j) suggest (an idea)

9) put in order k) switch off

10) put forward 1) to bring order to smth.

Exercise 312.

Fill in the blanks.

1. They are putting___several new houses in our street. 2. Be sure to put___the light when you go to sleep. 3. Put___that book and help your mother with the dishes. 4. The meeting has been put___till next week. 5. Since getting married, Bill has put___. 6. He put___his hat and coat and went out. 7. Please put___ your name and address___on this pad. 8.1 refused to put___his carelessness any longer. 9. The king had little mercy putting___the rebellion. 10. She asked me

to put___the catalogue of our goods. 11. It's high time you put___their dishonest deals. 12. Henry Ford put ___a new idea of assembling cars.

Exercise 313.

Translate into English.

1. Положи газету и послушай меня. Ситуация очень серьезная, а собрание опять отложено. Тебе нужно выдвинуть наше предложение. 2. Обязательно надень шапку. На улице сильный ветер. 3. Я опять поправи­лась. Придется отказаться от сладкого. 4. Ты уже за­писал данные? 5. Восстание (rebellion) было подавлено с большой жестокостью (cruelty). 6. Египтяне постро­или пирамиды, которые сохранились (remain) до на­ших дней. 7. Уже светает. Давно пора спать. Приведи в порядок свои бумаги и выключи свет. 8. Он больше не может мириться с обманом (deception). &. Они хо­тят уничтожить коррупцию (corruption) в своем уч­реждении.


Exercise 314.Match the words on the left withtheir definitions on the right.

1) runabout a) reach (a sum, a figure)

2) run after b) meet unexpectedly

someone/collide with something

3) run into c) play

4) run into debt d) pursue or follow

5) run out e) ride or drive over as

with an automobile

6) run over f) come to an end

7) run to g) owe money to smb.