A piece cut from a plant and used to grow a new plant

adjectivesaid or done to hurt someone’s feelings:She made a cutting remark about his table manners.

Cutthroat - кАтзроут

Adjectiveshowing no care or consideration for the harm done to others with whom you are in competition:He was unhappy working in the cutthroat world of advertising. \ The cutthroat world of journalism \ The advertising world can be a very cutthroat business.

Disguise - дискАйз

Verbto give a new appearance to a person or thing, especially in order to hide its true form:He disguised himself by wearing a false beard. \ Minor skin imperfections can usually be disguised with a spot of make-up. \ We tried to disguise the fact that it was just a school hall by putting up coloured lights and balloons.

to hide an opinion, a feeling, etc.:I couldn't disguise my disappointment.

Nounsomething that someone wears to hide their true appearance:He put on a large hat and glasses as a disguise and hoped no one would recognize him.

in disguise If people, objects, or activities are in disguise, they appear to be something that they are not, especially intentionally:She usually goes out in disguise to avoid being bothered by the public.\ He claims that most Western aid to the Third World is just colonialism in disguise.

a blessing in disguise something that seems bad or unlucky at first, but results in something good happening later:Losing that job was a blessing in disguise really.

Conscience - кАншнс

the feeling that you know and should do what is right and should avoid doing what is wrong, and that makes you feel guilty when you have done something you know iswrong:[C] I have a guilty conscience for spending so little time with my kids. \ a question/matter of conscience \ You didn't do anything wrong - you should have a clearconscience (= not feel guilty). \ My conscience would really bother me if I wore a fur coat. \ He's got no conscience at all (= does not feel guilty) aboutleaving me to do the housework.

in all conscience (с чистой совестью) without feeling guilty:You couldn't, in all conscience, ask her to pay the whole bill!

be/weigh on your conscience to make you feel guilty:Yesterday I ignored an old woman who asked me for money in the street, and it's been on my conscience ever since.

Eve- Ив

Noun the evening or day before a holiday, or the period immediately before an important event:New Year’s Eve \ The eve of the election

Dormant - дОрмант

Adjective(of things) not active or growing, but having the ability to be active at a later time:a dormant volcano Most roses being sold now are dormant, and without any soil around their roots.

Dormancy – дОрманси the state of being dormant (= not active or growing but able to become active later):Warm temperatures bring the seeds out of dormancy.

None the worse for wear

not damaged or harmed despite something:It was cold and windy during the parade but we were none the worse for the weather.

Being - биИн

a person or thing that exists:A nuclear war would kill millions of living beings. \ Strange beings from outer space are still a popular subject for sci-fi movies. \ [C] human/living beings

the state of existing:We do not know exactly how life first came into being (=began to exist.) \ [U] The group came into being (= began to exist) to help relatives of the terminally ill.

Kind - кАинд

Adjectivegenerous, helpful, and thinking about other people's feelings:She's a very kind and thoughtful person. \ It's very kind of you to help us. \ Please be kind to your sister! \formal Would you be kind enough to/so kind as to close the door?(= please would you do this) \ It's very kind of you(мило с твоей стороны) to come all the way to meet me.

not causing harm or damage:kind to the environmentThis soap is kinder to the skin.

Noun a group with similar characteristics, or a particular type:Today's vehicles use two kinds of fuel - petrol and diesel.What kind of (a) job are you looking for?I just don't have that kind of money (= I don't have so muchmoney).The cupboard contained all kinds of strange things.Her travel company was the first of its kind (= of others that aresimilar).

kind of \kinda used when you are trying to explain or describe something, but you cannot be exact:It was kind of strange to see him again.

in kind (of payment) given in the form of goods or services and not money:She wouldn't take any money but said I could pay her in kind by lending her the car.