Exercise 2 Match the words in the box to the definitions

aunt colleague cousin daughter grandfather mother-in-law pet neighbour nephew niece son son-in-law uncle best friend

1 a person who lives very near you

2 a person you work with

3 an animal that lives with the family

4 your male child

5 your aunt’s (or your uncle’s) child

6 your brother’s (or your sister’s) daughter

7 your closest friend

8 your daughter’s husband

9 your mother’s (or your father’s) sister


Exercise 1 Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

1. I drive/am driving home now. I should be there in about 10 minutes.

2. She reads/is reading a new book every week. It’s her favourite pastime.

3. Our best friends come/are coming over for dinner tomorrow night.

4. Alex and Mike usually rent/are renting a DVD every Friday night.

5. Our boss flies/is flying to Milan on Wednesday.

6. She works/is working on her school project at the moment.

7. They go/are going to work by bus every weekday.

8. She works/is working as a nurse at Memorial Hospital.

Exercise 2 Choose the correct version.

1. Steve ____ a shower at the moment.

a) is having b) has c) have

2. Is Ann ____ studying Geography?

a) often b) still c) usually

3. My sister and I ____ traditional food when we’re on holiday.

a) am tasting b) taste c) are tasting

4. ____ listening to classical music?

a) Does he enjoy b) Is he enjoying

c) Does he enjoys

5. How ____ do you go to the theatre?

a) usually b) often c) always

6. My brother ____ in New York at present.

a) live b) is living c) lives

7. She ____ French lessons three times a week.

a) is taking b) take c) takes

8. Do elephants ____ in the jungle?

a) lives b) live c) living

Exercise 3 Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.

1. I_____ (work) in Oxford when I _____(meet) Tony for the first time.

2. It _____ (rain) when Sara _____ (arrive) home.

3. We _____ (have) lunch when you _____ (ring).

4. You ____ (chat) when I _____ (come) in.

5. Joe _____ (cook) when he _____ (cut) his finger.

6. Dave and Becky _____ (watch) TV when the baby _____ (wake) up.

7. Ben ____ (play) chess when you ____ (enter) the room.

8. She ____ (take) a music lesson when your friend ____ (call) on me.

Exercise 4 Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous.

Susan Francis _____ (study) to be a nurse in England when she _____ (meet) and _____ (marry) a young Iraqi civil engineer. She ____ (return) with him to Iraq. While they ____ (live) in Baghdad, the Gulf War ____ (start). This is Susan’s story of what she and her family ___ (experience) while American and British forces ____ (attack) Baghdad.

Exercise 5 Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past perfect.

1. When I had got/got downstairs the phone had stopped/stopped ringing.

2. I had been/was sorry to leave, as I enjoyed/had enjoyed the party very much.

3. Helen had been/was very upset because she had lost/lost her purse.

4. It had been/was a very difficult day, so I had gone/went to bed early.

5. When I had turned/turned on the TV, the match had finished/finished.

6. We hadn’t got/didn’t get a table in the restaurant because we hadn’t booked/booked.

Exercise 6 Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple or the past perfect.

When Swiss millionaires Justine Klaus(a) ____ (die) in Geneva at the age of seventy-nine, most of her family(b) ____ (come) to hear the details of her will hoping the old lady(c) ____ (remember) them. Instead they(d) ____ (get) a real shock. Justine(e) ____ (live) alone for many years and most of her family(f) ____ (not/see) her for several years. Her relatives(g) ____ (be) amazed when they(h) ____ (hear) that the old lady(i) ____ (leave) £370 000 to her favourite house plant! Justine said that for all those years the plant(j) ____ (be) her best and only friend. In contrast her family only(k) ____ (receive) £100 each.

Exercise 7 Put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect simple or the present perfect continuous.

1 We ______ (rent) this house for twenty years.

2 He ______ (cook) the dinner for thirty minutes.

3 They ______ (be) Thailand since last Friday.

4 She _______ (clean) the house since very early this morning.

5 They ______ (have) their car since last November.

6 She _______ (work) as a DJ for two years.

7 He _______ (go) to the dive centre for five months.

8 I ______ (know) my English teacher since 2005.