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Part of that effort is increasing ___1___ in the Civil Service. Diversity is more than a moral imperative - it is also a business imperative. On both counts, diversity matters.

Diversity - №1 - открытая онлайн библиотека Allan Leighton (the chairman of the Royal Mail) has overseen some fascinating research demonstrating that diversity has added £32bn to the bottom line of the 113 members of the 'Race for Opportunity' alliance he heads.

The ___2___ already does much better than the ___3___ on diversity, with, for example, three times as many women in senior leadership posts - 29.1% compared to 9%. Diversity is about getting the best people in the right ___4___: bringing in and bringing on talented people from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Civil Service is rightly proud of its tradition of fair, open competition and ___5___ on merit, but it hasn't yet achieved sufficient diversity in top jobs. There is no skirting around that fact. By improving diversity the talent pool is broadened and greater insight is gained into the society being served.

The Civil Service, and ___6___, need strong and clearly articulated values to believe in, ones they can be proud to uphold. Without that sense of purpose it is much harder to deliver anything that is asked of them. This is a fast changing world. We need strong ___7___ and stronger capability to deliver if we are to ___8___ the sort of dynamism that will keep the Civil Service strong and relevant in the 21st century.

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