VII) Закончите предложения с помощью подходящих модальных выражений. Model:Our car stop because of snowfall

Model:Our car... stop because of snowfall. - Our car has to stop because of snowfall.

1. The bus ... arrive at the bus stop in two minutes.

2. It's getting frosty and we ... put on our warm cloths.

3. This distinguished scientist ... open the congress with his speech.

4. They ... get married soon.

5. My friend is ill. He ... go to the doctor.

6. Jim ... get to the party to which he was invited by his friends.

VIII) Вставьте модальные глаголы should / ought


We... to watch the development of affairs. – We ought to watch the development of affairs.

You ... get up earlier. - You should get up earlier.

1. Our neighbors ... take this tempting offer of support.

2. The hostess ... to offer her guests a drink.

3. We always ... to carry on our promises.

4. The child ... comb himself in front of the mirror.

5. Mary ... to gather her things as soon as possible.

6. Your brother... have a close shave.

7. He is a clever boy, he ... receive a good education.

Unit 4.

Business letters

Подумайте и ответьте на вопросы:

What is a letter?

What do you think about this way of communication?

How often do you write letters?

How does a letter differ from email?

Do you know any rules of writing a letter?