Task 12. In groups of 4-5 discuss the following questions

1. Can a person bring a criminal and a civil action at once?

2. What is your attitude to the jury trial? Are you for or against it?

3. What are the differences between the parties in a criminal and a civil action?

4. What are the similarities in criminal and civil procedures?

5. Comment on the number of people who take part in a criminal and a civil action.

6. What are the differences between criminal and civil actions in Russia and in Britain?

7.In English law an act of violence against a person may be treated both as a crime and as a civil tort. Explain some of the differences between the two procedures.

8. Compare the principles of "proof beyond reasonable doubt" and "proof on the balance of probabilities."

9. Which is/are true? "

a. Both damages and fines are sums of money,

b. Both damages and fines may benefit the victim of an accident,

c. Damages are part of the civil system of law.

10. Try to draw a plan of the court system in your country, showing which courts have civil functions and which have criminal functions. Compare your plan with another student's. Use a dictionary to check the English names of the different types of courts.

Task 13. Summarize the text and tell your group mates about:

a) main categories of civil and public law;

b) differences in civil and criminal procedures;

c) points of contact between criminal and civil law.


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