Exercise 18. Complete the job interview by filling in the blank spaces

Exercise 18. Complete the job interview by filling in the blank spaces - №1 - открытая онлайн библиотека A. Different companies.

B. Work experience.

C. In charge of.

D. A little bit of.

E. Any given day.

F. For example.

G. Supervise.

Fig.3. A Job Interview

Manager:It’s my pleasure. Could you tell me about your previous 1. _______ _________?

Applicant:Sure.I’ve actually done a 2. _______ _______ _____everything. Altogether I have about five years of experience as a foreman.

Manager:I see. And that was for 3. _______ _______?

Applicant:Yes. 4. _______ ______, I was a foreman at the site of the new office building on Grand Avenue. AUK Construction built in.

Manager:Ah, I know the one. How many workers did you 5. ____ there?

Applicant:I was 6. _____ _____ _____ most of the unskilled labourers. They were about twenty on 7._______ ________ ________.

Manager:That sounds like a lot to handle. What was your greatest challenge?

Applicant:Just making sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. You know, doing their jobs but also being safe.

Exercise 19. Act out the roles below. Use the following word-combinations:

I have ___ years of experience …

For example, …

What was your greatest challenge…

Student A: You are a construction company manager. Talk to Student B about: - experience needed for a job; - a specific job Student B has done; - the biggest challenge at a previous job. Student B: You are a job applicant. Talk to Student A about experience needed for a job.

Exercise 20. Go online at the “Construction Worker Salary” and answer the following questions.


1. What is the median salary of a construction worker?

2. What was the highest and the lowest pay earned in this profession in 2014?

3. What was the average salary?

4. What were the best paid metropolitan areas in the USA?

5. What was the highest paid construction profession?

6. Why do you think construction managers are so well-paid?

7. How much do construction workers earn in our city?

Text C

Exercise 21. Match the words with their meanings.

  1. Military engineer.
  1. Cократить расходы.
  1. Coast defense system.
  1. Присоединить.
  1. Submarine mine system.
  1. Гидравлический аккумулятор.
  1. Mortar.
  1. Чугунный цилиндр.
  1. Employment.
  1. Свойство бетона.
  1. Property of concrete.
  1. Mодуль крупности заполнителя.
  1. Fineness modulus.
  1. Определение соотношения воды и цемента.
  1. Definition of water-cement ratio.
  1. Плунжер.
9. Electric automotive brake.
  1. Сигнал, срабатывающий при появлении пешеходов.
10. Traffic light.
  1. Коксовая печь.
11. Pedestrian actuated signal.
  1. Предприятие.
12. Coke-fired furnace.
  1. Система подводных мин.
13. Enterprise.
  1. Раствор для кирпичной кладки.
14. To cut costs.
  1. Использование, задействование.
15. To attach.
  1. Знаменитый, прославленный.
16. Hydraulic accumulator.
  1. Электрический автомобильный тормоз.
17. Cast-iron cylinder.
  1. Светофор.
18. Plunger.
  1. Тяжелый вес.
19. Heavy weight. S. Военный инженер.
20. Illustrious.
  1. Береговая оборонительная система.

Exercise 22. Match the words. Then read the text and check your answers.