Задание 1. Вашему вниманию представлено 5 текстов для чтения. После каждого текста имеется графа для Вашей субъективной оценки трудности текста (можно оставить комментарий, что вызвало трудность). Оцените понимание каждого текста по шкале от 5 до 1, где

5 – очень простой (понимаю всю информацию)

4 – простой (понимаю большую часть информации за исключением некоторых деталей)

3 – средней трудности (понимаю суть текста)

2 – трудный (понимаю отдельные фрагменты)

1 – очень трудный (не понимаю ничего)

Текст 1. Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy reads the late news on British television at 11 o'clock each evening.

This is a good time for a news programme because we can report the early news from America and the late news from Europe. I still arrive home before midnight because the journey from the Television Centre to my home in north London only takes six minutes. My family are all asleep when I get in, but I usually make a drink of hot milk and read a book for about an hour.

'I always get up to have breakfast with my three children before they catch the school bus. Then I take the newspapers and go back to bed for a short time. Later on, I go for a swim - newsreaders spend too much time sitting down! I sometimes go running. I've done the London Marathon twice. That's a race of over 40 kilometres. I finished each time, but I wasn't among the first!

‘I start work after lunch at two o'clock, when I go to my office. The rest of the day is spent planning the programme, but I always try to go home for an hour to see my children before they go to bed.'

Оценка .

Текст 2. Corryvale Farm

Corryvale Farm is in the west of England. Stephen and Jenny Blackler keep cows and chickens and sell milk and eggs. But most of their money comes from Jenny's sheep.

She has 50 sheep and each one has enough wool for six sweaters. Every six months, Stephen cuts this wool off the sheep so they won't get too warm. Five years ago, Jenny made some sweaters with the wool and tried to sell them at country markets. But it was summer and the weather was hot so people didn't want to buy sweaters. She then made some socks. Everybody loved them because they were cheap, strong and easy to wash.

That's how Jenny's business started. At first she made the socks at home, but soon she had thousands of customers so she had to send the wool to a factory, where all the socks are now made on machines. There are six colours, five sizes for all ages, and different socks for walkers, sportsmen and skiers. Jenny is busiest at Christmas because Corryvale socks are a favourite present. On the walls of Jenny's office, there are lots of letters from happy customers all over the world.

Оценка .

Текст 3. Snowboarding

Victoria Jamieson from Britain started snowboarding at 20. She is now 23 and has won many competitions in this sport. We spoke to her when she was at a snowboarding competition last week in Switzerland and asked her why she started the sport and you can become really good in a few months.'

We asked her if she had to do a lot of practice. 'Well, in winter I snowboard in the mountains every day from 8.30 am until -1pm I also run and go biking. But I just love doing it all! I like the competitions and being in the mountains. It's so beautiful. But free-riding, that's doing what you want when you're not in a competition is the best thing in the world for me.

We asked her what is important when you're learning ‘You can learn quickly but you need lessons. It's also important to have the right clothes so you don't get wet because, to begin with you spend a lot of time falling down’.

Оценка .


Most house burglaries happen between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., say the police.

Inspector Ian Saunders told our newspaper that the number of house burglaries has gone up by more than 30% compared with last year. He also said that 67% of burglaries happen when people have gone out and forgotten to close a door or a window.

He went on to report that night-time burglaries are unusual because families are usually at home at that time. But he said that winter afternoons are the best time for burglars because it is dark and they can't be seen easily. Also many houses are empty at that time, because people are often still at work.

Inspector Saunders said that it is a good idea to leave lights on in living rooms and bedrooms when you go on holiday. This will help to keep burglars away. He also asked neighbours to watch the other houses in the street when people are not at home. They should call the police if they see anything strange. ‘We will also tell you how to make your house safe.’ Inspector Saunders said. This kind of help costs nothing.'

Оценка .


When Esther left school at the age of sixteen, her aunt Flory gave her £500 for her birthday. Most of Esther's friends decided to go to college, but Esther used her aunt's money to start her own business. She bought fruit, sugar and some glass jars and began making her own jam. She sold the jam for £1 a jar to her friends and she soon doubled her aunt's £500.

At first, her parents didn't want Esther to spend her time making jam and they thought that she should study instead. They hoped that one day she would be a teacher or a doctor. But Esther didn't listen to them. She just kept on making jam. After a few months, she started selling it to the local market. Then she started making orange juice. She sold this to a school where one of her friends worked.

After two years, her business was very large and her parents were very pleased with her. She made all kinds of food which she sold to shops and supermarkets. She was so busy that she had to get some people to work for her.

Задание 2. Расположите, пожалуйста, пять текстов в соответствии с трудностью их понимания: от самого простого до самого трудного. Впишите номер текста.

Самый простой           Самый трудный