Printing documents

If the document is ready to print again, click the File tab (the first tab). In the left pane, select Print. This opens a large window in which you have to press the Printbutton. Of course, for printing to a computer must be connected to the printer.

Closure document.

After the work on the document is completed and saved, close the file. Click the File tab in the left pane, click Close.

Council. To find a document after it has been closed, check the list of Recent Documents shown in the figure. Click the document in the list to open it.

Moving through the text.

Printing documents - №1 - открытая онлайн библиотека

The cursor can be moved to another location by moving the mouse pointer to it and clicking the left mouse button, or using the keyboard.

Let's say (see. Figure above), you need to enter a new sentence in the first paragraph between "civilization" and "In the fourteenth century."

The cursor (vertical line) is at the end of the second paragraph of the word "know." To enter text in any other location in the document, you need to move the cursor there. Below described are several ways to do this.

- Move the mouse pointer to the position on the left of the words "in" and left-click to insert the cursor there. Then start typing.


- Press the key on the keyboard arrow to move the cursor up (each time it moves one line). Then press the left arrow to seine cursor to the left (if pressed it moves one character)

Council. You can also press the CTRL + LEFT ARROW to move the cursor to the left by one word. (Here, the "+" sign is not intended key. It means that you have to press the CTRL key and without releasing it, press the left arrow)